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Feedback about hypnosis by C. from Switzerland

… In orthodox medicine, the diagnosis was MS, which with its symptoms always made me completely doubt the meaning of my life. An incredibly exhausting fight my life until then. And then you give me with your seminar and your SOL hypnosis a roller coaster ride at the speed of light (yes, yes, I know it was faster – but I didn’t find a faster unit in ‘my school desk’). A roller coaster ride that leads from private hell to all-encompassing, unconditional, divine love. In addition there is the perception of innumerable changes in other course participants and in myself. There is the possibility of being overstrained within easy reach…

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Feedback about Hypnosis by S. from Germany

I hope the letter reaches you in the best of health. I am infinitely grateful to you for the implementation of your ideas, which are currently culminating for me in the development of your method of talking to the subconscious and the inexhaustible possibilities it offers. I stood before an abyss and was simply allowed to choose another way…

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Erfahrungsbericht von S. aus Deutschland

… zunächst noch einmal Tausend-Dank für die wunderbaren Erfahrungen, die ich durch eure Methode erleben durfte. Bin noch am Orientieren in meinem „neuen“ Sein, denn es fühlt sich alles anders an als vor der Hypnose. Und wenn ich alles sage, dann meine ich alles. Es ist unfassbar!!! Von den Veränderungen im Leben anderer zu lesen, zu hören oder sie persönlich am eigenen Leib zu erfahren sind einfach zwei völlig verschiedene Paar Stiefel…

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Feedback by H. from Austria

… Was almost not able to read during the trip. Most of the time I enjoyed the landscape so consciously … like never before … and over hours with a permanent grin and tears in the ophthalmic GSD…

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Feedback by H. from Germany

… For a long time I had the subliminal feeling that something was wrong in my life. It wasn’t really tangible, but I realized that I couldn’t get out of this number alone, whatever it turned out to be. The registration at the SOL seminar gave cause for hope. I clearly felt that…

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Feedback by S. from Deutschland

wanted to tell you briefly about another “miracle” of SOL hypnosis with me!
Was today with my ophthalmologist to the control because of my green star. She constantly checked her entries during the examination on the computer…. and then asked me in all seriousness: But you are already Mr. D……?
And I….. Yes !?…..

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Feedback by M. from Germany

the world of numbers, laws and evidence was for me, as an engineer
my world, too. Unfortunately, my world also included such unpleasant things as
Jealousy, low self-esteem, envy of things others have done, etc.
Jealousy, in particular, made it through my life and that of my wife.
I’m afraid it’s too much to spoil. Even as a little boy I was jealous, so what was closer?
when you were neglected by your parents as a toddler. The “inner child” was not loved felt etc.
A therapist who works deep psychologically did little for me…

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Feedback by D. from Germany

The everyday life has me again and I am doing well beyond measure – wrong! – I am doing excellently!
A year ago I visited you for the first time and the weekend had set an incredible process in motion for me. Now I was back where it all started and it feels like the circle has closed. Everything is good – I have arrived at home, at MIR…

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Feedback by A. from Germany

…I still don’t really know what external energy is or where it comes from, but I now know that it has burdened my life. I am sad that I could not make the experience to see the divine light and to have a look at my former life so that I have the certainty that this really exists….

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Feedback by S. from Switzerland

…the great question came up in me: what is the meaning of life then.
Only now, as I write these lines, do I realize where this question came from. According to my old faith, life on earth was something like a punishment for the original sin, because Adam and Eve ate from the tree of knowledge.
Brigitte, you now asked your spirit guide Melchizedek to us and asked me for my spirit guide. Immediately I called the name Ismael. You now passed on my question to Ismael. He spoke the answer through me: “Life is there for development and experience. – There is no guilt”.

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