Dear Brigitte
Dear Ralf

Yesterday shortly before midnight I arrived again in my ‘earthly home’.
How glad I was about the extra day I had given myself. So I used the opportunity, isolated from everyday life, to let the process continue.

Your walnut tree welcomed me with open arms, and so I was further flooded by undreamt-of dimensions which e.g. recognize and feel loud miracles, feel indescribable gratitude up to the deepest inner peace. On the way there my critical mind forced me with hard confrontations again and again almost to my knees. One tries to imagine: I have always perceived myself as ‘wrong’, something was completely wrong with me. I usually felt beside myself (näb de Schueh, as we say so beautifully in Swiss German), empty, unwelcome, unwanted, unloved, extremely nervous and irritated inside. For my reason there was only one explanation, I definitely didn’t have all my cups in the cupboard. In orthodox medicine, the diagnosis was MS, which with its symptoms always made me completely doubt the meaning of my life. An incredibly exhausting fight my life until then. And then you give me with your seminar and your SOL hypnosis a roller coaster ride at the speed of light (yes, yes, I know it was faster – but I didn’t find a faster unit in ‘my school desk’). A roller coaster ride that leads from private hell to all-encompassing, unconditional, divine love. In addition there is the perception of innumerable changes in other course participants and in myself. There is the possibility of being overstrained within easy reach.

If you like, I will be happy to tell you more about my personal experiences and changes during the seminar and afterwards back in everyday life.
At the moment what I perceive still exceeds my oral and written expressiveness.

But I don’t want to withhold two examples from you…

Until recently (the last time on 5.7.2018) I received a monthly 1 liter Nabic procaine infusion from my doctor. I could hardly wait for them because they helped me, among other things, to keep my pain, which sometimes almost drove me crazy, in tolerable control. This morning I cancelled my infusion appointment for this Thursday. I don’t need it anymore. That’s logical, after all I got rid of the heavy bullet on my thorax and the heavy lead knight’s gear ;-). In order not to be declared crazy after all, I have denied myself the true reason for my refusal.

After this phone call I went shopping and came back with a package of smoked salmon. Then I fed the whole contents with the greatest pleasure.
Until now I only ate smoked salmon when it was very thin with a lot of horseradish and onions on bread but certainly not in ‘rough quantities’ and ‘füdliblutt’ 😉

Miracles happen so quietly…

In deepest gratitude that you had the courage to share your discoveries!

C. from Switzerland