Dear Brigitte, dear Ralf,

I hope the letter reaches you in the best of health. I am infinitely grateful to you for the implementation of your ideas, which are currently culminating for me in the development of your method of talking to the subconscious and the inexhaustible possibilities it offers. I stood before an abyss and was simply allowed to choose another way.

For the amusement of the future seminars I can briefly describe to you my conspiracy theories actually felt in the run-up to hypnosis. I don’t want to paint them anymore, because it seems absurd to me today. But it actually started with nightmares the night after I signed up for the seminar with you. I dreamed of a suitcase that I had bought at auction in my dream. When I opened this suitcase, THREE hand puppets with carved heads fell out. All three were devils. (I was the woman with the fear of the devil ;)) It went on with dreams, in which my stomach was cut open … Three weeks before the seminar date I fell ill with a middle ear inflammation among other things thanks to large support of my husband I traveled with the illness nevertheless. And then the head cinema began, although I was sure that I was exactly right with you and that I could get help. These movies looked like this: I don’t have to bring anything – so I have to eat there – what will be in the food that makes me willing to hypnotise … When I looked at Ralf’s hands I saw scars – including metal – those weren’t human hands … His face turned to a devilish grimace during the lectures … (Sorry) And of course everyone is under the same blanket and I am the victim here … I always had the feeling that I had to leave the seminar room – finally get out of here. And so was my choice of seat – always all doors in view and the escape possibility in the back. I had already handed in the anamnesis sheet with the greatest effort on Monday. On Tuesday I probably wouldn’t have done it again, because I always thought that I was doing great and that I didn’t need this nonsense. The word “external energy” alone during the first days of the seminar almost drove me crazy.

If it hadn’t been so serious… Today I can laugh about it too. Before the seminar I put a draft for the next sculpture on paper. The prepared stone, a very beautiful travertine from our region, has been in our workshop for several weeks now. I had almost feared it and hoped for it at the same time. I don’t have to translate the theme “cry for love” into stone anymore. Love is in me and I feel it. I have returned to the design phase. I am allowed to deal with new topics.

Life is a wonderful adventure! Thank you!

With warm greetings and best wishes for you

S. from Germany