Hello Brigitte, hello Ralf,

I have tried to reflect my experiences with you as best I could.
Maybe it will help you. That would make me happy.
Thank you again for your wonderful work. From day to day I realize more and more how beautiful life can be.
These 10 days with you were the most valuable time in my life.

For a long time I had the subliminal feeling that something was wrong in my life. It wasn’t really tangible, but I realized that I couldn’t get out of this number alone, whatever it turned out to be. The registration at the SOL seminar gave cause for hope. I clearly felt that.

Full of anticipation the first evening began. Towards the end there was the first practical exercise. In order to save time on the coming days, possible external energy should be removed already now with the participants. We divided ourselves into small groups and should speak individually with the leader of the respective group together a text, which should recited with will power, the foreign energy from the system should remove. I myself did not exactly want to carry out this ceremony and first read to the other participants. Brigitte smelled the roast immediately and asked me to step out. She spoke the text first and now it was my turn. The strange thing about it was that I couldn’t get my mouth open. My facial muscles didn’t seem to obey me anymore. The more I tried, the more difficult it became. It was freezing down my back. My face was cramping more and more and I felt this powerlessness to want something but not to be able to. I was torn inside. Grief, fear and anger changed their dominance in my emotional world faster and faster. Brigitte recognized my need and took my hands. That gave me strength. She did not let go and asked me to repeat after her. I did, but I was weak. It was only lip service. I lacked my own strength. Several times, again and again, I followed her. I became calmer as a result, but knew that this was not the end. They would come back. I knew that exactly and Brigitte probably also. She had given her best and I lacked the strength. It was like the calm before the storm.

With 1000 thoughts in my head and dark premonitions I drove back to the hotel and tried to let the evening pass in review and to create clarity for myself. I did not succeed. My thoughts became more and more unclear, hectic, anxious and paranoid.
Or did I suddenly start to see clearly what was being played here? Maybe the whole thing was a huge staging. It is pretended that you are helped, that foreign energies are removed, that you are liberated. In reality, desperate people who seek help are lured into a seminar and it is here that the foreign energies are implanted. It struck me like a thunderclap. This realization caused my blood to freeze in my veins. I had to leave as soon as possible. I couldn’t stand it any longer. These constant tormenting thoughts.

And the other participants? Perhaps you also suspected that something was wrong here. Should I talk to you? But wait! Maybe you are one of them and you know. It was hopeless. What should I do? I had to flee somehow. First of all away from here. But maybe you watched me when I left the hotel. That was too risky. I decided to stay. My heart was beating faster and faster. Fortunately there were still three beers in the closet. It was the rest of the stock I had bought when I arrived. They would help me to make the fear more bearable. That had always worked before. The first one went down like oil. Quickly the next one afterwards. It didn’t take long for the effect to set in. Slowly I became calmer again, the voices quieter and I began to doubt this conspiracy. Inside I swayed back and forth. What was a lie and what was truth? I could no longer tell it apart. The confusion remained and I slowly fell asleep.

The next morning I didn’t feel well, but I knew it was the right way to continue attending the seminar. The first practice hypnoses were on the agenda today. It went to the “energetic place”. I could use this urgently as I wanted to get back into balance. Full of hope I lay down on the couch and just wanted to gather strength. Kalle began to count and at three I should arrive at my energetic place.

Unfortunately I didn’t arrive anywhere. On the contrary: It seemed to me that the sadness of the whole world was flowing into my heart. Tears filled my eyes. Brigitte recognized immediately what was going on here and took over the hypnosis. I slid deeper and deeper into it. I heard Brigitte ask if I had a free will and heard me deny it. Now the actual process began. The banter on the last evening was only a small foretaste of what was to come now. This time it would be different. It would take a lot of strength, I knew that exactly, but with Brigitte I had a powerful ally at my side. Now there was no going back, I had to be ready, it was about everything. Today and here it will be decided.

Again and again I heard Brigitte talk about the power of the bright side, about the divine, spiritual world that stands beside us, and again and again 1-2-3.

My body contracted, my muscles cramped. In me a firestorm rages. I became terribly hot and cold at the same time. We spoke together 1-2-3. Again and again. They did not want to go. I knew Brigitte wouldn’t let go until it was over.

Now I heard also Ralfs voice, that gave me courage. My whole body continued to cramp, relaxed again, cramped again. 1-2-3, 1-2-3. It strains so. But it had to be decided here and now. Once and for all. I felt how Brigitte took my hands, Ralf my feet. That helped, gave me strength, which I needed so urgently. And again 1-2-3, 1-2-3. It will pass. It seemed to me like an eternity. Suddenly I heard Ralph with a thundering voice: “And now the circus is over”. Even today these words echo in me. Instantly my whole body relaxed and I knew that it was over. I was finally free. Relief, joy and gratitude came over me.

The next days I felt as happy as I had not felt since childhood. And I laughed and laughed and could not stop it. It was beautiful. Even today, three months later, I am still so incredibly well and I am slowly realizing the implications of this whole transformation process. It is simply wonderful.

Dear Brigitte, dear Ralf I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the incredible gift of life that you have given me.

H. from Germany