Dear Brigitte, dear Ralf,

the world of numbers, laws and evidence was for me, as an engineer
my world, too. Unfortunately, my world also included such unpleasant things as
Jealousy, low self-esteem, envy of things others have done, etc.
Jealousy, in particular, made it through my life and that of my wife.
I’m afraid it’s too much to spoil. Even as a little boy I was jealous, so what was closer?
when you were neglected by your parents as a toddler. The “inner child” was not loved felt etc.
A therapist who works deep psychologically did little for me…
Hope, estimated therapy duration approx. one year, but rather longer. I saw my marriage
because my wife’s nerves were also starting to get shattered.
Then I came by a coincidence on your Internet pages, had contact to Ralf and ruckzuck
I sat with you, dear Brigitte, for a first session.

In three hours of preliminary talk I talked about my problems and wishes.
And then came the moment of the hypnosis session, it was incredible.
Not in my childhood was I hurt, no in a previous life.
More precisely, 1719, how please 1719 ?? that is impossible. There were indications that I could google, of course, and confirm my statements. But the greatest thing, I felt like a newborn.

The jealousy gone, the worries gone, it’s all so simple. You have made me and my wife the happiest people, we are infinitely grateful to you.
I know that this message is being processed in such a way that it will not be possible to access my identity,
but I would like to explicitly allow you to change my e-mail address
to to anyone interested. I also like to tell my story to others.
If I had known how you could help me, I would have visited you twenty years ago.
Thanks again for everything

M. from Germany