Dear Brigitte, dear Ralf,

First of all once again thanks a thousand for the wonderful experiences I was allowed to experience through your method. I am still orienting in my “new” being, because everything feels different than before hypnosis. And when I say everything, then I mean everything. It is unbelievable!! To read, hear or personally experience the changes in the lives of others are just two completely different pairs of boots.

I will tell you about my experiences before, during and after hypnosis in detail in a few weeks, when everything has settled down. However, I would like to tell you the following, because I find it TOTAL IRRE.

Last Christmas I found a golden ring in the jewellery box of my childhood and youth in my parents’ house. I could not remember the origin of the ring. Since I liked it very much and it fit like a glove, I wore it since then. Somehow I had a strange feeling about it, but since I couldn’t explain it to myself, I ignored it. A short time later I realized that the ring was a Christmas present from my then partner Matthias. Although the relationship had come to a very sad end, I decided to continue wearing the ring after its recovery. It was simply too beautiful to be left unseen in a jewellery box. After all, after more than 20 years I had long since wounded the separation. “It is only a piece of jewellery! Why shouldn’t you wear it? You’re not superstitious,” I thought. Said done!

In the night from Sunday to Monday, the second night after hypnosis, I woke up around 3 o’clock. My ring finger was hot, red and swollen and the ring burned like fire on my skin. I really had trouble getting it off. The skin under the ring was inflamed and water bubbles (blisters?) had formed. Even today, three days later, you can still see the imprint (see photo). Apparently the energy of the ring did not belong to my system! And after I could shake off all foreign energies with Ralf’s energetic support and afterwards was protected against foreign energies of all kinds…

Only since Monday, since the ring is off, I feel completely free and carefree. Immediately after the seminar, when we were still sitting together, that wasn’t the case. I had felt noticeably freer than before the hypnosis, for sure, but something was still depressing me. But what? And today at my energetic place I saw the golden light for the first time in my life! Seen correctly!!! Not only felt, as I noticed in the seminar. Wow!!! How beautiful. What a feeling of security … and from time to time even the violet one passed by … I cannot put into words what I feel. Gratitude is not an expression at all…

All my love

S. from Germany