Dear Brigitte, dear Ralf

Almost two months have passed since the intensive course in June. First I had to let my impressions rest and take effect and now I try to put my experiences into words.

Since my childhood I have been religiously influenced and have become quite biblical. God has always had the most important place in my life. My dilemma, however, was that I actually had two gods.

A loving father whom I could trust fully, who showed in Jesus Christ what true love is. But there was also a punishing, angry God, who even sends the wicked into hell.

That was the theme of my life.

More and more I believed in a God of love. Places in the Bible
like: “God is a God of love, fear is not in love” or even the chapter on love in 1 Corinthians 13, (by the way for me one of the two most important chapters – the second is the first chapter of the Gospel of John).

Now to my hypnosis: I didn’t arrive anywhere on the stairs, I was like in a dark fog. Behind the fog I recognized light that was illuminating the fog more and more.

Brigitte brought me back to June 24, 2018. With a skilful question answer dialogue with my subconscious I realized that the origin of life is all-encompassing, unconditional love that creates and floods everything.

The great question came up in me: what is the meaning of life then.

Only now, as I write these lines, do I realize where this question came from. According to my old faith, life on earth was something like a punishment for the original sin, because Adam and Eve ate from the tree of knowledge.

Brigitte, you now asked your spirit guide Melchizedek to us and asked me for my spirit guide. Immediately I called the name Ismael. You now passed on my question to Ismael. He spoke the answer through me: “Life is there for development and experience. – There is no guilt”.

It was so overwhelming. Suddenly I saw the tree of knowledge. I cannot describe it with words, simply beautiful, beautiful. It contains all the possibilities of experiences we are allowed to have. There was also the snake. Beautiful, golden, upright, very wise looking. Behind it I saw a beautiful, (have no other word, it was just all beautiful,) purple greenish light. I knew intuitively that this was Lucifer (the angel of light). Behind the purple green light I saw another beautiful red gold tree, the tree of life.

When I looked at the picture in this way, I saw a brown statue, as if made of clay, plunging into the depths. For me it was immediately clear that this is Satan, he is a thought creation without life.

At that moment everything was just clear to me, without questions. The tree of knowledge symbolizes the great opportunity to make experiences. All people are allowed to have experiences, nobody has the right to judge or judge.

The golden snake symbolizes the wisdom that leads to knowledge.

The tree of life symbolizes love, being.

Lucifer shows the way to knowledge with all consequences (cause and effect), Christ shows the way of unconditional love (forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing) that leads to the tree of life.

For me this is the knowledge I have been searching for all my life.

From my heart I want to thank you for all that I was able to experience with you.

All love and good and warm greetings

S. from Switzerland